buddha beatz

by gypsygoth

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released September 15, 2016



all rights reserved


gypsygoth Pomona, California

just a grrl expressing herself through sound and poetry

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Track Name: the idealist
newports in my hand
ill waste it, i guess
old lady bursting out
a child stuck within

my arms around my neck
holding myself back
unrealized potential
like a needle in a haystack

i hate critics and their morals
im a critic too
jailed in my paradise
thinking about you

sticky is my core
icky rhymes with me
i cant be defined
im infinity

unknown to the world
im an alien and i cant be tied down
Track Name: Expired
up on the throne
its my home
its my home

die and died again
are you my friend
are you my friend

run and leave me a hole
a big black hole
i am all alone

die and died again
dont want no friends
are you my friend

and it oozes out
and it gets too old
and its all worked out
this is sold

stepdown from that high
its alright
its all alright

vicious men inside
its okay
ill be fine

the sun is burning down
the sky is brown
the ground is gold

this head is full of shit
shoot that shit
full of it

and it throws up
and it swallows
and its hands are rough
but time is hollow

and it fucks up
and its full of mold
and its shot out
and its sold

up on my throne
Track Name: moral compass
i have a dirty face
i have a filthy soul
im in a human race
i have a heart of gold

and they beat me senseless

i have a strong will
i have a strong hold
i am moral
i am too old

and they bleed my dry
so i got high

i have dirt in my nails
i have dirt in my clothes
i crawled a long time in the mud
i crawled a long time to find a home

and they bet me senseless
and they bleed me dry
so i got high
Track Name: sheep
all of my chakras are running inside of me
all of this work for things that excite me

but i am not selfish
but i am so selfish

and its all for the glory
its all for the glory

and he said "shepp, sleep now"
and he said " sheep, kill yourself"
and it said "please, let me be"
and he said"sheep go to sleep"

just walking to the headlights
just walking through the blinding light
Track Name: lucy
i am lucy in the sky with diamonds
i want to be your friend
my scars i do not hide them
i show them
let them breathe
give them air

colors all around me
colors in my hair
energy flowing through me
with energy there is nothing to fear

i dont think too hard
i just tough the sky
i just run around
and leave everything behind

black is my heart
but yellow is my soul
red is my blood
then i shit out gold
Track Name: mystical instant
just this, here now

bleached brows
on th ground
heat and sound

when i face my hands down
they are really facing up
when i hear a sound
i am really gone

spirit get stronger
spirit lead the way

i think im getting older
i can see my grave

just this, here now

found a clown
i laughed, it frowned
i ran, it followed
i lead, it followed me to the end of time
which is right now
baby, right now